Sensu + Nagios: Run your existing Nagios or Icinga plugins in Sensu and they’ll just work, guaranteed. By embracing the full spectrum of the Nagios ecosystem, Sensu empowers your team to monitor containers and Kubernetes alongside legacy infrastructure running Nagios checks and plugins.

Zero-effort compatibility

Whether you have ten or ten thousand existing Nagios checks, Sensu is 100% backwards compatible.

Maximum flexibility

The pub-sub architecture of Sensu reduces network complexity, keeping monitoring simpler to configure on-premises or in the cloud.

Future-proof, seriously

Embracing Sensu means making the last decision about the choice of observability platforms that you’ll ever have to make. From Nagios and StatsD to Kubernetes, Prometheus, containers, and whatever comes next: Sensu accepts them all.

We put together a 100% Free getting started kit for you :)