Sensu and InfluxData work better together!

Common infrastructure in a single agent means you can easily route and translate data. Sensu Enterprise metric translation allows you to input any Nagios or StatsD data and store it in InfluxDB for sophisticated, ad-hoc queries about your infrastructure in your favorite data warehouse.

Sensu Heart Influx HD
Love Metrics?

If you have Nagios or StatsD already running you owe it to yourself to see what a single Sensu agent can collect. Experience the completeness of time series data right alongside your monitoring data.

Love InfluxDB?

What if you have other data services from sources like Kubernetes that require action during monitoring events? Sensu can collect data in a variety of formats to easily route and translate data directly into InfluxDB. If you are familiar with the TICK stack you owe it to yourself to try Sensu.

Use more than one time series database?

Input data in any format and let Sensu send it to whatever TSDB or TSDBs your teams use. You get your data in InfluxDB and your teammates can store it in Graphite, OpenTSDB or anywhere else using our plugins before sending it to your preferred graphing tool such as Grafana.

We would love to send you a getting started with Sensu and InfluxDB kit!